Welcome Twitter Post Users!

A couple months ago Twitter announced that they were going to be shutting down their basic authentication API, and that day has come. The basic authentication API is suppose to be shut off today at 12PM EST (http://countdowntooauth.com/)

We had a free plugin called RF Twitter Post that used this API. Unfortunately, without the basic authentication API, RF Twitter Post was useless. The only way to continue to provide the same functionality offered by our old plugin would be to create a service that acted as a middle man between your website and the Twitter social network. Thus, leenk.me was born.

After a lot of discussion and planning we went ahead with our idea and we tried to make this service as inexpensive as possible. We do need to charge a nominal fee, because we have to maintain a server and have a lot more development work built into making the leenk.me service work. Luckily the more robust service allows us to extend the original functionality of RF Twitter Post. So far, we have extended it to Facebook and are currently working on Google Buzz.

If there are any social networks that you are in desperate need to leenk, let us know so we can add them to the list.

So, Twitter Post users, I am sorry that we can no longer offer a free plugin for you. However, we hope you subscribe to leenk.me and enjoy the extended functionality the leenk.me service now offers you.

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