API and Plugin Update – v1.1.0

Hey Everyone,

We spent the day yesterday working on some efficiency changes to the leenk.me service. There were a lot of udpates made, so we bumped up the API to v1.1. The previous version 1.0 will still be available until everyone updates their plugin to use the new API.

The new plugin fixes a few bugs and adds some efficiency updates as well. Plus it is intended to work with API v1.1. We just submitted the update to WordPress, so you should be seeing an available update in your WordPress dashboard soon. You don't need to do anything except update the plugin, all services should continue to work as is.

Let us know if you have any questions or any problems.


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2 Responses to API and Plugin Update – v1.1.0

  1. Jason Otter says:

    everytime i try anything it says couldn’t connect to host

    • Lew Ayotte says:

      Hi Jason,

      It sounds like one of two things. Either your web host doesn’t have the cURL module enabled for your website or your server has a firewall and it is blocking the attempt at contacting the leenk.me servers. You should contact your web host about this to remedy the problem. If they need it, the leenk.me IP address is

      Let me know if that doesn’t help.