How to use the Twitter plugin for WordPress

Default Twitter Settings

Tweet Format - This is the default tweet format that will be sent to twitter whenever you publish a new post in your WordPress website. The default can be customize to look however you choose. The tag %TITLE% represents the title of your post and %URL% represents the URL of your post. The Twitter plugin will attempt to get a TinyURL of your post by default, unless you have Twitter Friendly Links installed and activated on your site. If it is unable to use Twitter Friendly Links or get a TinyURL it will use the actual URL of your post.

Default Tweet Format: Blogged %TITLE%: %URL%
Example Tweet Format: %TITLE% @ %URL%

Tweet Categories - Select which categories to include or exclude from Twitter.

Default Tweet Categories: Include All Categories

Tweet All Authors - The plugin suite allows you to take advantage of multiple authors on your WordPress website. Each author can setup a account and insert their API key into the plugin. If you have multiple authors publishing to your WordPress website then you will wan to have this box checked to ensure that your tweets get sent properly.

Post Specific Settings

Tweet Format - You can use a custom tweet format for each individual post. This is especially useful for crafting the right tweet for your post. An example would be if you want to add a hashtag to your tweet, but don't want to have the hashtag or @mention in your post title.

Example Tweet Format: How to use the @leenk_me Twitter plugin for #WordPress %URL%

Exclude from Twitter - If you want, you can exclude a post from being tweeted by checking this box.

ReTweet - The ReTweet option only appears for published posts. It allows you to resend the published post to Twitter. Twitter does have some SPAM blocking enabled, so you cannot immediately retweet the same post, you must wait before Twitter allows the duplicate tweet to go through.

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