Introducing the Affiliate Program!

The second most requested thing I have received from users is to create a affiliate program. Well, guess what, I have finally gotten around to setting up the Affiliates program. The service was created as an affordable solution to solving the problem of publicizing your WordPress content to your social networks, automatically and instantly. The primary reason I had to ask for money was to cover the cost of server upkeep and to subsidize future upgrades and improvements to the plugin.

The Affiliates program has one tier, you get 50% of every sale and payment made by each new customer you refer to Each account will continue to get their 1 month free trial, if they decide to keep the service and pay for it after the first month is over, you will get 50% of their payment. If they continue to use and pay for the service, you will get 50% for each future payment they make. I plan on approving any pending commissions throughout the month and will payout the commissions on or around the first weekday of every month. Also, you must have a PayPal account to sign up for the Affiliates program.

We are using iDevAffiliate to manage all of the affiliate information.

Now you can get paid for referring new users to the service!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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