leenk.me plugin version 2.0.0

Hi Everyone!

I just submitted version 2.0.0 of the WordPress plugin for leenk.me to WordPress. You should see an update in your WordPress dashboards any moment now. There are a few pretty great new features in this version... check out the run down in this video:

If you have any trouble, please contact me.

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16 Responses to leenk.me plugin version 2.0.0

  1. Jenny says:

    Things just aren’t working right with the update.

    Tweets and FB posts are posting without the URLs. I have tried bit.ly (with my key info) as well as WP post id and no URL is being posted to either site, and Facebook is posting the URL to the image as the link to the post.

    When I switched to tinyurl, it’s posting the post id using ?p= format and no link at all to Twitter. Not really sure what’s going on. Can you send me a file for the previous version until this is sorted out? I have it automated because I don’t have time to post manually. 🙁


    • Lew Ayotte says:

      Hi Jenny,

      It looks like your Twitter account is working fine: https://twitter.com/freebiespot/status/215307197222100994 but I see what you mean on Facebook and I have no idea why/how it’s using the image URL. There is probably another plugin that is returning the image URL when leenk.me is trying to get the post URL. Can you email me temporary admin credentials to your site so I can take a look? http://leenk.me/contact/

      Thank you.

      • Jenny says:

        It’s also messing up anything with special (and even not-so-special) characters.

        For example, on Twitter, a tweet sent out with: Sleeping Beauty’s Villian “Maleficent” Begins Production #disney #dvd

        Instead of: Sleeping Beauty’s Villian “Maleficent” Begins Production #disney #dvd

        AND it’s not including the URL. Note: after some testing, any post title with any sort of character (‘ ” $ *) is not sending the URL to Twitter.

        And a Facebook example, post (same as above) was sent as: Sleeping Beauty’s Villian “Maleficent” Begins Production

        URL sent as: http://www.freebiespot.net/?p=24473 (using tinyurl option)

        But before 2.0 update would have been sent as: http://www.freebiespot.net/24473/sleeping-beautys-villian-maleficent-begins-production/

        Nothing else was updated immediately before, or any time after, I updated Leenkme to v2. Also, WP is (and was) at 3.4. One of those deals where all was peachy before the update but not after. 🙂

        • Jenny says:

          Okay.. my comment above is not showing the special characters and it’s auto-correcting them in my comment. Hope code works..

          Tweet was sent as: Sleeping Beauty’s Villian “Maleficent” Begins Production #disney #dvd

          Facebook was sent as: Sleeping Beauty’s Villian “Maleficent” Begins Production

          (If this doesn’t work, feel free to delete and I’ll screenshot or something)

  2. Jenny says:

    Since the comments are auto-correcting special characters, here are screenshots.

    Twitter was sent as: http://i.imgur.com/lSby7.png

    Facebook as sent as: http://i.imgur.com/PshPp.png

  3. Jessica Burns says:

    I’m having trouble posting to Facebook. I keep getting an error about validating access token

    • Lew Ayotte says:

      Hi Jessica, This is the message when Facebook expires the access token it gives to leenk.me. A couple months ago Facebook changed how they handle 3rd party access tokens, requiring users to re-authenticate their profiles to 3rd party apps like leenk.me. Simple fix, you just need to log into your account at http://leenk.me/ and remove/re-add your Facebook profile. You shouldn’t need to do anything else. If you do see this message again (which should happen about every 60-days), you’ll just need to do the same thing.

  4. Swayne hill says:

    Hi, it seems that my counts are no longer working for twitter and linkedin. Any suggestions?

    • Lew Ayotte says:

      Hi Swayne,

      In your WordPress dashboard, if you edit a post that did not get sent to Twitter or LinkedIn a look at the leenk.me preview, what message do you receive when you click the “ReTweet” and/or “ReShare” buttons?

  5. Swayne hill says:

    All sharing is happening properly, it’s just the counters on my posts associated to LInkedIn and Twitter that normally indicating sharing (which I know is actually happening) which are blank now. Thanks.

    • Lew Ayotte says:

      Hi Swayne,

      Oh, you mean the counters from when someone reads your post and then clicks the “share” or “tweet” buttons? That is not part of the leenk.me plugin. You must be using another plugin for that functionality. leenk.me is only for automatically publishing to your social networks.

  6. Swayne hill says:

    My apologies, thank you.

  7. Joseph says:

    Any chance we’ll see Leenk.me for Google+ any time soon? My G+ circles are growing in numbers – I’d love to share automatically instead of always having to click the “Share on Google+” button on each post. I’d also love to select which circle(s) Leenk.me posts to as members of not all circles are interested. Not critical for me – just wondering if it’s “in the mill”.

    • Lew Ayotte says:

      Hi Joseph,

      The answer to that question is a difficult one. Yes, I plan on adding Google+ as soon as Google lets me (meaning, 3rd party developers). Currently, Google only offers “read-only” access to developers like me. There are, however, a few other developers who have been given exclusive rights to their “write” API, such as HootSuite.

      This is extremely frustrating for developers like me, hopefully they’ll open it up to us soon. But, it’s “in the mill” as soon as it’s open for us.

      I hope that answers your question :).