leenk.me Changes Coming Soon!

Hey Everyone!

The last few days have been pretty crazy, trying to get things in place for the upcoming Facebook changes has forced my hand into making some changes to the leenk.me service. These changes were already planned for the near future, but now they're becoming a reality. I've also had to place the 2.0 BETA version of the plugin on hold while I update the site/account options.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the new account setting pages that I've been working on:

Each account will be able to create multiple API keys!

If you have a single Basic account, you won't have to worry about any of these things. Due to the changes that Facebook is going to make on May 2nd, this will severely affect how people with multiple Basic or Plus accounts use the service. In many cases, if you had 2 or 3 separate Basic accounts, all using the same Facebook profile, you'll be able to go down to 1 Basic account!

I haven't nailed everything down yet, but I am currently thinking that Basic accounts will get 3 APIs, Plus accounts will get 10 APIs, and I'll probably discontinue the Basic account option for future customers.

Also, one last thing, when the new account settings pages are live, I'll release a new version of the plugin which will use a new version of the leenk.me API. To use this, you'll need to go through an "account conversion" process to convert your existing leenk.me settings to the new account methodology. This will be true for everyone, but it should be pretty straight forward and not very difficult to deal with.

I'll let you all know as I finalized these details! Until then, happy blogging!

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