Dr. Walt – Another Happy Customer

A few weeks ago one of my great leenk.me customers, Dr. Walt emailed me because he was having trouble with leenk.me not automatically publishing to his social networks. It took about a week to test what was happening, but eventually I discovered (with the help of my WordPress developer friend Alan Knox) that the Subscribe2 plugin was causing the issue. Basically, Dr. Walt had so many subscribers to his blog that the Subscribe2 was overloading his MySQL instance. Then leenk.me would run and it couldn't contact the MySQL server. I wasn't able to reproduce this but my friend Alan started to have the same exact problem on his personal blog. Alan's solution was easy, he switched to the free version of MailChimp. But that solution wasn't going to work for Dr. Walt because Dr. Walt posts twice a day to his blog, Alan only posted once a day (which is the smallest increment supported by MailChimp's RSS reader).

Well, once we figured out exactly what was happening, I tried to raise the priority of the leenk.me plugin (so it would fire before the Subscribe2 plugin). And to everyone's pleasure, it worked! leenk.me and Subscribe2 did exactly what they were suppose to do. Dr. Walt was so happy with the out coming and the level of support he got, he offered to send me one of his books!

Thanks Dr. Walt!

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