leenk.me 1.1.6 – Now even more secure!

You may have noticed today that there was an update for leenk.me. It was a small update, just changed the API url to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This adds an extra level of security to leenk.me. Instead of sending API key to leenk.me through normal HTTP protocal, it encrypts the key and sends it over. There is a pretty low risk of someone hijacking your API key since it mostly server-to-server communication. But it is important to me to make leenk.me as secure as possible and this was the next step.

Download the latest version of leenk.me at the WordPress plugin repository

So, this wasn't a huge update but it was needed.

In other news, we hit the 300 activate leenk.me subscribers mark! Maybe we should have a party when we hit 500...

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