leenk.me 2.0.0 – Beta Release

Hey Everyone, been working hard on a new update to the leenk.me plugin. I've only tested this in WordPress 3.2+, but it should work fine in WordPress 3.1. It *might* work in previous version, but I didn't test them. If you're not on the latest release version of WordPress you should be (for security reasons).

Here are some of the new features available in leenk.me 2.0.0:

  • Built-in URL Shortener Options
  • Automatic preview of your post before it is sent to your social network
  • Major code changes to improve efficiency
  • and more!

Click here to download the leenk.me 2.0.0 BETA release.

Check out this short video I made of the new plugin...

Contact me here if you have any trouble with the beta version.

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