leenk.me 1.3.0 – FriendFeed support and more!

Version 1.3.0 of the leenk.me plugin has been released. Be sure to check your plugin dashboard for the update. With support for the FriendFeed social network! As always, I wrote a post and made a video tutorial explaining the basics. You can use the contact form if you run into any trouble.

How to Use the leenk.me FriendFeed plugin for WordPress

There were actually a bunch of updates added to this version...

  • Added FriendFeed support!
  • Updated the category include/exclude option for each page
  • Automatically enable the "All Authors?" option on new activations for sites that have multiple users setup
  • Fixed error introduced with the share link feature on the Facebook module
  • General security hardening
  • Fixed bug causing leenk.me post meta to be erased when you quick-edit a post
  • Fixed JavaScript bug that prevents the "Re" functions from working immediately after quick-editing post info
  • Fixed Tweet Category/Tag warnings
  • Added disabled() helper function for WP2.9.2 and below

You should definitely check out your settings to make sure the include/exclude categories were updated properly. I tested pretty rigorously, but you can never test for all cases.

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