Our 1 Month Anniversary – Thank You!

I really want to thank everyone for making leenk.me the success that it has been so far.

Today is exactly 1 month since leenk.me was first soft-launched. Apart from a couple issues with PayPal and a few bugs that needed to be squashed, everything has been going really smoothly and it has been very exciting. leenk.me had over 175 accounts created since August 9th and added Google Buzz support to the plugin. Linked In is on our radar for the next social network to be supported. We're also working on a decent self-help section for the site. Of course if you need any help, our contact form is always available. I am also trying to find a good way for users to be able to add multiple social networks (of the same type) to a single leenk.me account -- but that probably won't be available until later this year. I have a few more ideas in the back of my mind... but I won't spill the beans until the ideas are a little more mature.

I really hope leenk.me is working well for everyone, if you have any recommendations or trouble with the service, please let me know.

Thanks again everyone!

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