Google Buzz now works on!


Google Buzz has been killed by Google. It no longer works with

Attention users, starting with version 1.1.3 of the plugin you can now use Google Buzz! Simply log into to leenk your Google Buzz profile to your account, update the WordPress plugin, and enable Google Buzz. The next time you post, it should send it to Google Buzz!

I have been testing Google Buzz for the past couple weeks and am confident that everything is working as it should be. However, with anything new there is a potential for unexpected bugs. If you are using the Google Buzz plugin and run into any weird problems, please use the contact form to report the issue.

We will be posting a "How to use the Google Buzz WordPress plugin" video tutorial directly after this message.

I plan on trying to add LinkedIn to next. If you have any social network request let me know and I will prioritize the list. Until then, happy buzzing!

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