leenk.me is officially in the WordPress plugin repository

It is official, WordPress accepted the leenk.me plugin into their repository. I guess it is time to launch this service. You can now download the plugin here or through your WordPress website.

I am currently working on a how-to section for this site as well as a couple video's showing you how to setup your leenk.me account and the WordPress plugin. In one week, Twitter will be shutting down their REST API. This makes my free plugin RF Twitter Post obsolete! In response to this move I created this service called leenk.me.

With leenk.me you can...

  • Choose which categories are published automatically
  • Exclude indvidual posts from being published to through leenk.me
  • Republish old posts to your social networks
  • Choose to publish all authors of your WordPress website
  • Customize the Tweet format, including the post title and post URL (using the custom tags %TITLE% and %URL%)

Not only does this service continue the functionality of RF Twitter Post, it also extends the functionality of the plugin to allow you to publish to your Facebook Profile and/or Fan Page!

I have a lot planned for this service and hope to expand it to other social networks as it continues to grow. I would love to hear any feedback you have regarding this service and the plugin. If you have any questions or any problems, I can be contacted through the Facebook fan page, the Twitter Account, or through our contact form.

Have fun!

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